Monday, June 11, 2007

Various impressions

The weather in Taipei (Taiwan) at the moment
is very alternating. Sometimes it rains a little bit
and most of the times it rains a lot! It's raining season.
Byebye sunshine, I have to deal with the shitty weather
until I will go to HongKong. Examples are shown in these
pictures of some rituals one week before the Dragon Boat
Btw, it doesn't matter if it's raining, sun shine or no sun shine,
some of the Taiwanese people walk with an umbrella.
Dutch food. Robbert's sister gave us the ingredients
to make 'Boerenkool'. Very delicious! I also want to
thank Will, Clara + kids for the candy's from Holland!

On a Sunday morning near a hotspring (Northern Taiwan)
The guitar player from Barry's band (Barry is dutch,
and owns a bar in Taipei) was playing at this western
We gave Teemu a useful present from Japan.
"Protection for the little guy"
The boys at Teemu's birthday party
Longshan Temple
Annabelle, James and Guy-Louis

We have rented scooters for almost
two months to explore Taipei. Now
we are able to visit much more places
because we aren't dependend on the
public transport anymore.
Teemu and Robbert on a scooter
Angela, Gertje, Me and Fabian @ Luxy