Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taiwan sometimes hurts my eyes!

Taipei is an energetic and busy city. Even though the positive aspects of Taiwan far outweigh the negative, I would like to show you some of the negative aspects of Taiwan. Taiwan is a land that has become ugly not out of necessity, but by choice. Taipei is an example of a rapid urbanization: the traffic, ugly architecture and quite a lot of smog. Despite of the beautiful shopping malls, department stores, theatres, caf├ęs and clubs, most of the buildings in Taiwan are so breathtakingly drab, dirty, cold and ugly. For miles and miles all you see is a flat-roofed, burglar-proofed, grey ugly buildings. Another negative aspect is one can’t flush ones toilet paper in most of the Taiwanese restrooms. Actually I can’t understand how a country that is as developed as Taiwan can struggle with such basic things as a tar road and a toilet that can handle toilet paper.
The following pictures will give you a little impression why Taiwan sometimes hurts my eyes!

Taiwanese abodes Taiwanese abodes

Hualien TaiChung

A house at the North-East coast