Thursday, May 03, 2007

Queens day in Taipei

Instead of a Dutch Embassy there’s
a Netherlands Trade & Investment Office.
The NTIO is dedicated to the promotion
of economic, educational and cultural ties
between the Netherlands and Taiwan.
It also handles visa applications and
consular matters.

Last Friday we celebrated Queens day
at the house of the representative of the NTIO.
The same day I received some ‘stroopwafels’,
chocolate and cashew nuts from Christine (+ fam.).
Thank you very much! I’ve shared the typical
Dutch delicious cookies (‘stroopwafels’) with
people from allover to give them an little

Below are some pictures of Queens day!
Together with Robbert, ‘haring’,
‘bitterballen’ and Dutch cheese
Minister of Foreign Affairs Taiwan
Mark, Robbert, Gertje, Me and Hugo

Fabian with a girl from Germany Together with the NTIO representative,
Mr. Menno Goedhart.