Thursday, June 21, 2007

Snake Alley

Taipei's nightlife is full of night markets. Snake Alley
is one example of those night markets and is located
in the Wanhua District. You can eat snake meat and
drink snake blood overthere.

'Fresh' fish and meat
Raymond, me, Lien, Suus, Mark and Benjamin.
Benjamin & Suus are two friends of Mark, they
have visited Taiwan for almost 2 weeks.
Boiled frogs
Taiwan is still surprising me every week, this
time a guy on the street at Snake Alley gave
me a massage because I looked tired and I
was carrying a bag.
Together with the friendly guy
Lien enjoys her time with other Taiwanese girls :)
Group picture @ Brass Monkey

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hoi Fedor,

Taipei's nightlife was voor ons ook erg gezellig, maar de night markets kan ik missen met alle vieze luchten. Maar jawel, snakepis hebben we samen opgedronken!!
Leuk om Lien weer te zien, doe ze de hartelijke groeten.

Succes nog met je paper voor de laatste paar dagen!!

Liefs mama