Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lăo Shī Fedor

This blog has become a so called ‘picture blog’, nevertheless I had the feeling I should share some of my experience during my stay in Asia। I can start with telling about my new experience as an English teacher at a hospital. I am teaching the personnel of the hospital and the focus in this class is on speaking in terms which are used in the hospital. The majority of the personnel are afraid to speak in public, so together with Gertje (my colleague), we are practising dialogues with the group. We are practising the pronunciation of words like ‘N-E-U-R-O-L-O-G-Y department, U-R-O-L-O-G-Y and PRE-EXAMINATION FORM. The class consist of a group of 20+ people with the age of 20 till 55 years old. 2 months ago, I had no doubt in my mind that I will become an English teacher in my life. Now I really enjoy it, despite of the fact that I don’t have the teaching skills of my sister and without being a person with the abilities to be patient, it is going quite well.
If I go to a shop or I meet Taiwanese people on the street, they often say: “Nǐ shì hěn shuài”, which means “You’re a handsome guy”। So my ego gets really a boost during my stay here in Taiwan. A comparison can be made with the first class at the hospital. The first introduction among the students was like: “Hello, I’m Cathy (most of the Taiwanese people have an English name) …. And I am single!” The next one: “Hello, my name is Mrs Wang, I am not single anymore, I am married. I hope my two children will become as handsome as my English teacher.” I was surprised by the fact that it was a formal setting, however they were quite superficial. Even the doctors were saying that. We had to go on pictures with the most famous doctors of the hospital and so on. Anyway, I am enjoying my job as a teacher and I’m exploring a couple of my hidden skills.
My International MBA courses are going well. It’s time consuming but most of the time it is interesting to read. Probably by the time I go back to Holland, I’ve gained quite a lot knowledge about the political situation in Taiwan and China, the business environment and culture and I’ve also developed some ‘soft skills’ by hanging around and working with Taiwanese people.

Reading the Lonely planet at the third-largest
City in Taiwan, TaiChung

One of the streets in Puli
Hot-pot near Sun Moon Lake on Mother’s day

Sun Moon Lake, central Taiwan
Some jellies with ice at the small city Puli

In 80’s style at the birthday of
Antti and Angela, here are some pics
taken at the house of James Palmer,
our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Angela and Antti with their typical Taiwanese presents
Fabian with my wig
Mark, Xenia and Hugo
The Iron Man Teemu (a.k.a. Jaap Stam)
Chris (his English name)
Angela and Gloriane (G)
Louis, Gertje and Xenia (80’s style)
In 80’s style at the birthday of Antti and Angela


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Leuke pruik!
x Ims

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Hi Fedor,

Jij maakt toch veel mee, en alle ervaringen maken je rijker!!
Hou dit vast!

Liefs Mama