Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival

A new upcoming event is the Dragon Boat Festival! This is part of Taiwan's culture and traditional sport and it is once a year. We are joining with the "Dutch Team". Our target is not to win the race, there are too many ladies above 40 in our team and beside that, some teams are practising 6 times a week. We're practicing every Saturday morning at the stinky Keelung river.
I am the second person at the right site.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fedor

Fun! A bootrace with a dragonboat with peddles. That's something else then a sailingboat. Get your points and enjoy. Peter

Anonymous said...

Ha Fedor,

Erg leuk dat je het thuisfront zo op de hoogte houdt van al je belevenissen daar in Taiwan!

De volgende maand zien we je alweer!!

Groetjes en liefs mama.

Ben Teeuwen said...

Good afternoon!
I was almost reading a 'dragonball Z' festival.. ;). Nice pictures of some very nice sailing boats lookalikes! You're returning next month? Already found a job in Asia or sticking around in 't Rotterdamse? The latter already has so many well educated & entrepreneurial people leaving.. stick around man! Good luck with the match!

Ben (almost breaking his jaws on some exciting econometrics at the moment)

Anonymous said...

Ey Fedor

Alles goed??
whaha echt gaaf om zo een festival mee te maken met al die sier dingen!! whaha en jullie in zo'n bootje leuk!! Maar ik zie dat je volgende maand al weer terug komt!! echt super snel gegaan!! maar je hebt daar ook een super tijd gehad!! aan je verhalen en foto's te zien!!
Veel plezier nog en succes!!

Xxx. marissa