Monday, April 23, 2007


A couple of pictures from the trip to Tokyo
Strange architecture in Tokyo

A couple of skyscrapers

Of course, people are sleeping in the Metro
Centre of Tokyo
New technologies at the Sony Building

Funny Mark

A lot of advertisement!
Even homeless people wear a suit in Tokyo
After 11 days…
It’s a small world! I’ve already met Ben (from Israel) in
Thailand and I just met him at the fish market of Tokyo!
Dutch Embassy in Tokyo
In front of the Dutch Embassy with Tygo de Back.


Anonymous said...

hi fedor,

i saw the picture of you standing in front of the "Snoopy Town" shop and holding a samll blue bag with snoopy on it-later i found that is the present for me! Heee! It might be kind of "funny" for guys to buy the girls' stuff, especially for the pink snoopy! I can imagine how uneasy you were at that moment.I really appreciate and,also, love the gift very much.

Do you think....will it work if i send you some "hot pictures" i took in Hawaii in return? Just kidding!

Happy that you are now back and ok!


Anonymous said...

ey fedor

alles goed??
wat een leuke fotos weer! whaha voor de snoopy town!! whaha leuk en natuurlijk moeten jullie daar weer wat kopen whaha.
Maar nog een fijne dagen verder succes met alles!!