Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Juming Museum

Together with all the Mandarin students we went to the Juming
Museum. It’s located in Chin-shan, a coastal township in
northern Taiwan. The Juming Museum is the first museum
in Taiwan with such a broad outdoor exhibition (26 acres).
Together with my LaoShi (Mandarin teacher)
Gertje & Annabelle
Art gallery with Antti in the left corner
TaiChi Square Living world square
The (sub)marine ;-)
Other examples of Mr. Ju’s work.
Ju Jun area, zipped river
It’s me together with one of the stainless steel Living World Series

Monday, April 23, 2007


A couple of pictures from the trip to Tokyo
Strange architecture in Tokyo

A couple of skyscrapers

Of course, people are sleeping in the Metro
Centre of Tokyo
New technologies at the Sony Building

Funny Mark

A lot of advertisement!
Even homeless people wear a suit in Tokyo
After 11 days…
It’s a small world! I’ve already met Ben (from Israel) in
Thailand and I just met him at the fish market of Tokyo!
Dutch Embassy in Tokyo
In front of the Dutch Embassy with Tygo de Back.