Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alexandra's birthday

Hugo next to a Taiwanese girl in a bus.
We have celebrated Alex' birthday in a nice
restaurant near the Taipei 101.
Group picture before the diner
During the diner we were allowed to draw on the table.
Teemu was not able to come to the party so I made a picture
to represent his attendance to Alex' birthday.
A picture of Alexandra after she received
a nice present of the boys!

Model Agency in Taipei

Some of us were casted by a Model Agency. To prove it to you, you can read the mail below. It is a pity that they arranged the interview with me 2 days before I will leave Taiwan. I had the change to play in a TV commercial for example.
Mail form Model Agency:
This is Michelle from Chinese Arts Entertainment (the Model Agent). Tuesday 19 th June, my director Ada met you in the Park while there was running a dragon boat competition. I hope we can have an interview with you.
Gentleman:Please bring formal suit with tie and formal shoes and the other please bring causal cloth (Polo shirt with jeans will be the best).
Of course, you can bring other clothes that you like the most.
Lady: Please bring formal pantsuit with white shirt and formal shoes and the other please bring cocktail dress (single light color will be the best). Of course, you can bring other clothes that you like the most.
could you tell me when is the better time for you, the interview will spend you around an hour. Our office time is 10am to 8pm Mon to Sat.

Following is the detail for you:

For boy: Please wear causal cloth (Single light color polo shirt and jeans will be the best).
Please wear colorful T-shirt or shirt and cute skirt will be fine.
For girl: Please wear colorful T-shirt or shirt and cute skirt will be fine. 韜

Our address is 7F .-2, No.375, Sec. 4, Sinyi Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei City
We are located at the intersection of Sec.4 Sinyi Rd. and Guangfu S. Rd. ,

MRT: Exit no.3 of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station ( 國父紀念館站); When you come out the exit no.3, please turn left and walk around 15 to 20 minutes, otherwise you can across the street and take the bus no.254,266,282,288 to the San-Chang-Li Station (三張犁站) around second stops.
Bus: No. 20, 22,226,292,33,37,38 and 信義幹線 and get off at the Sinyi-Guangfu intersection.

Enclosed the map for you

Michelle Lin

Trip YangMing Mountains and my English class

Victor took us to the YangMing mountains and
showed us some beautiful places near Taipei, like
the view from the Chinese culture University.
and he was showing he's talent...
@ the Chinese Culture University
Palm tree
Some Taiwanese men drinking tea near a
waterfall. On the picture below, it's me
together with Victor close to a vulcano.
This is a picture of the Yehliu Geopark.
These mountains have beenbelow the sea
level for centuries.
Photoshoot Taiwanese model
Our teaching jobs is over! During the last lesson
they made a dvd of us with some of the dialogues
we practised.
The two english teachers together with one student.
Two eager students
Together with part of the English class.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Snake Alley

Taipei's nightlife is full of night markets. Snake Alley
is one example of those night markets and is located
in the Wanhua District. You can eat snake meat and
drink snake blood overthere.

'Fresh' fish and meat
Raymond, me, Lien, Suus, Mark and Benjamin.
Benjamin & Suus are two friends of Mark, they
have visited Taiwan for almost 2 weeks.
Boiled frogs
Taiwan is still surprising me every week, this
time a guy on the street at Snake Alley gave
me a massage because I looked tired and I
was carrying a bag.
Together with the friendly guy
Lien enjoys her time with other Taiwanese girls :)
Group picture @ Brass Monkey

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Dragon Boat Race 2007!

As the finishing touch, God created the Dutch!
Row, Row, Row!!!
A close finish! The one who pulls out the flag first wins the race.
We've lost 2 races and we've won 2!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Go Karting and party pics

We rented a car with 5 guys to drive in a outdoor
Go Karting track. The place was 2 hours driving from
Fabian, Guy-Louis, Hugo, Mark and Me
Ready, set, GO!
Guy-Louis and Ana
Geek, Mark and Teemu
Fabian and our Chief Entertainment Officer (James)
Antti and David at the campus
Annabelle and a Taiwanese girl
Mark & ....
Taiwanese girls at 'Room 18'
Hugo with his 'catch'
With Gertje and Louise at 'Sofa'

Monday, June 11, 2007

Various impressions

The weather in Taipei (Taiwan) at the moment
is very alternating. Sometimes it rains a little bit
and most of the times it rains a lot! It's raining season.
Byebye sunshine, I have to deal with the shitty weather
until I will go to HongKong. Examples are shown in these
pictures of some rituals one week before the Dragon Boat
Btw, it doesn't matter if it's raining, sun shine or no sun shine,
some of the Taiwanese people walk with an umbrella.
Dutch food. Robbert's sister gave us the ingredients
to make 'Boerenkool'. Very delicious! I also want to
thank Will, Clara + kids for the candy's from Holland!

On a Sunday morning near a hotspring (Northern Taiwan)
The guitar player from Barry's band (Barry is dutch,
and owns a bar in Taipei) was playing at this western
We gave Teemu a useful present from Japan.
"Protection for the little guy"
The boys at Teemu's birthday party
Longshan Temple
Annabelle, James and Guy-Louis

We have rented scooters for almost
two months to explore Taipei. Now
we are able to visit much more places
because we aren't dependend on the
public transport anymore.
Teemu and Robbert on a scooter
Angela, Gertje, Me and Fabian @ Luxy